Mystery Shoppers Needed in Topeka, KS - Secret shopping jobs available.

Hiring new mystery shoppers in Topeka and surrounding areas for various retail and restaurant assignments.

Get Paid to Shop. Earnings up to $28.00 per Hour

Mystery shopping jobs open to American citizens over the age of 18.
No Experience Required.


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Mystery Shopping in Topeka

As a mystery shopper, your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of stores, restaurants and services in the Topeka area.

Hundreds of retail operations are eagerly seeking new secret shoppers to rate the service of their local branches. All you have to do is spend a little time in their establishments then give your opinion of the service and you’ll get paid for your input.

Mystery shopper jobs range from retail stores and restaurants of every kind - to service, entertainment and hospitality based operations such as movie theaters, grocery stores, day spas, grocery stores, gas stations, pizza delivery, hotels and more.

You’ll be paid to shop and dine out in Topeka - plus, you can also get free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment and more. Secret shopping offers great pay, fun work and flexible schedules. No experience is required.

Interested in a secret shopper job in Topeka? Mystery Shoppers America can get you started today.

We specialize in connecting new shoppers with mystery shopping jobs in Topeka and area. Through our extensive network of over 180 mystery shopping companies, you’ll have plenty of mystery shopping jobs to choose from every day!

o become a secret shopper, visit our registration page. You'll learn about our secret shopping companies, what kind of shopping jobs are available and how much you can make.

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Secret shopper jobs are also available in Lawrence, Ottawa, Gardner, Lansing, Leavenworth, Atchison, St. Joseph, Manhattan and other towns in this area of Kansas.


Get Paid to Shop Topeka: Secret Shopper Jobs

Chartered as a city in 1857, Topeka, Kansas is the state capital with over 230,000 people residing in the greater metropolitan region. The name Topeka comes from the native Indian term meaning ‘to dig good potatoes’ and gives insight into the community’s agricultural roots. Topeka is a very progressive city as is evidenced by its support of the anti-slavery movement and role in the underground railroad in the 1800s. The city was also a global leader in finding treatment for mental illness in the 1900s.

Topeka is noted as being one of the best smaller metropolitan areas in the country. This ranking comes from a combination of several factors including safety, education, health care, cleanliness and affordability. Reasonable housing costs and overall cost of living figures are well below the national average.

Since the revitalization of the downtown area, the city’s arts and culture scene has indeed flourished with more than 20 fine galleries, countless entertainers/artists and many performing arts venues. The core now draws more people than ever to take part in all the great events, enjoy its fine restaurants and unique shopping. More than 30,000 locals are now employed in the downtown district.

Topeka offers several outstanding attractions and events that really show off and celebrate all the great things about the area. For instance, there’s the Helen Hocker Center For The Performing Arts, Ensley Gardens at Lake Shawnee, the Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy, First Fridays Art Walk, the Mulvane Art Fair, the Topeka Zoo, Heartland Park, the Lake Shawnee Trail, the Harley Davidson Museum and the Kansas History Museum.

The city enjoys a healthy economy and good job numbers. Primary employers in the area are comprised of government services, education, health care, manufacturing, finance, construction, transportation, retail and hospitality. With prominent retail, hospitality and service sectors, mystery shopping is an integral part of continued success for local merchants. Mystery shoppers in Topeka get the opportunity to get paid for shopping and dining in some of the area’s most prestigious locations like West Ridge Mall, Brookwood Shopping Center, Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center, Villa West Shopping Center, Prestige Plaza, West Ridge Plaza, University Village Mall as well as the NOTO Arts District. However, shopping jobs are not limited to the popular shopping centers. Topeka has countless stand-alone national franchises department stores and big-box stores that frequently use mystery shoppers. As well as the numerous opportunities in all the great local restaurants - from casual to fine dining. And then there are the many great services in town - from the many hotels, movie theaters, grocery stores, pubs and bars and so much more - Topeka is rich with mystery shopper job possibilities.

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