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Mystery Shopping in Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

America’s supermarkets are in fierce competition for your food shopping dollar. Find out how you can profit from this and provide a valuable service to your community by mystery shopping in grocery stores.

Yes, you can get paid to shop in supermarkets and get free food as a mystery shopper. And what’s more, you’ll be helping to improve customer service at your local food retailers.

From specialty food shops to large chain stores and big-volume, warehouse-style grocers - supermarkets and grocery stores are major employers of mystery shoppers. Regular use of mystery shopping programs in supermarkets ensures that their locations, products and customer service are as good as possible to retain customer loyalty and boost profits.

Mystery shoppers provide an invaluable service to grocery stores. After a supermarket is mystery shopped, the store management finds out what the average consumer thinks about the store. They learn many important details like:

- whether or not their customer service is up to snuff
- how their products and prices rate
- how customers feel about the layout, look and ambience of the location
- if they provide a pleasant grocery shopping experience
- if customers would recommend their store to others
- and much, much more.

This type of information is vital to the reputation and financial health of the store. A mystery shopper’s evaluation gives a supermarket the chance to take any necessary measures to improve areas where they are lacking. It also allows them to build on their strengths. All ensuring continued customer satisfaction and retaining customer loyalty.

Mystery shopping increases customer satisfaction

Just so you understand why secret shopping is so important to the success of any supermarket, let’s take a closer look at the retail food industry.

Supermarkets and grocery stores and sell huge volumes of food and related products and can serve hundreds, if not thousands of customers daily. The supermarket industry employs roughly 3.4 million people with annual sales nearing $600 billion. Based on national averages, a typical consumer visits a grocer 2.2 times a week and spends $34.10 each time they visit.

The retail food industry is unique in that grocery stores all pretty much carry the same products. Except for small and varying price adjustments and layout of the store - the only real difference between competing grocery stores is the kind of shopping experience a customer has while in the store. The supermarket owners all know this, so they have to make every effort possible to set themselves apart from the other stores.

Let’s take a look at the largest supermarket chain in America. Kroger owns and operates 3,574 stores under its own name and various subsidiary companies and employs nearly 340,000 people. This year, Kroger is projected to earn $90.4 billion. That’s an astounding figure. Yet, if Kroger was to make some adjustments and increase business by a meager 1%, that would represent an additional $904 million in revenue every year. You read that right - a $904 million annual increase by gaining a paltry one percent in additional business.

This gives you an idea of just how big the retail food industry really is and just how much is at stake. So it stands to reason that any supermarket would want to offer the very best shopping experience and build customer loyalty to gain more business. This is best accomplished with an aggressive and ongoing mystery shopping program.

The duties of a secret shopper in a supermarket

When on assignment as a mystery shopper in a grocery store, you will pose as any typical customer, making certain that no one knows you are on duty. While at the store, you will start your shopping and evaluation - looking for and noting things like:

> The overall image and presentation of the store.
> Were there any stray shopping carts in the parking lot?
> Were the premises clean and inviting?
> Were the fruits and vegetables ripe and displayed in an appealing manner?
> Were the shelves well stocked and easily accessible?
> Were the staff well-groomed and courteous?
> How was your experience with the cashier and bagger?
> Or other questions if this kind.

After you’ve checked out your groceries and left the store, you simply complete your Shopper’s Report (answering the questions above) and you’re paid for your comments.
And you’re done! You'll be paid to shop for groceries and get free food too.

Save a ton of money on your food purchases

Generally speaking, most mystery shoppers really love the supermarket assignments because the pay is good, they are usually quite easy and quick to complete and you come home with free food!

A typical mystery shopping assignment in a grocery store will pay you about $20.00 - plus your purchase will be free. Since you have to buy groceries anyway, why not work as a mystery shopper and get some of your groceries for free. Treat yourself to fresh fruit and vegetables, fine cuts of meat, bread, dairy, snacks… whatever you need.

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The following list identifies national and regional supermarkets and grocery stores that would typically use a mystery shopping service.



Supermarket Mystery Shopping Home Page


National and Regional Supermarket & Grocery Store chains

National Chains



Kmart Super Centers




Super Target

Trader Joe's

Walmart SuperCenters

Regional Chains

A&P Supermarkets
Acme Fresh Market
Arlan's Market
Arteagas Food Center
Associated Supermkts
Big M
Big Y Foods
BJ's Wholesale Club
Bottom Dollar Food
Breaux Mart
Brookshires Grocery
Brown & Cole
Cannata's Market
City Market
Compare Foods Supermarket
Copps Food Center
Cost Cutter
County Market
Cub Foods
Crest Foods
D&W Food Centers
Dan's Supermarket
David's Supermarket
DeMoulas' Market Basket
Farm Fresh Food
Food 4 Less
Regional Chains

Food Basics
Food City
Food Depot
Food Emporium
Food Bazaar
Food Giant
Food Lion
Food Pavilion
Food Town
Foods Co
Fred Meyer
Fresh Grocer
Fry's Food & Drug
Gelson's Markets
Giant Foods
Giant Eagle
Grand Union
Great American Foods
Great Valu Markets
Haggen Food
Harding's Friendly
Harmons Grocery
Harris Teeter
Harp's Market
Harvest Foods
Holiday Quality Foods
Hy-Vee Food Stores
Jack 'n Jill
JayC Food Stores
Key Markets
Landis Supermarkets
Lowe's Markets
Mac's Market
Regional Chains

Macey's Market
Market Basket
Martin's Super Market
Met Foods
Miller's Fresh Foods
Murphy's Marketplace
Natural Grocers
Nash Finch Company
New Deal Supermarket
Nugget Markets
Obriens Market
Omni Foods
Owen's Market
Pay Less Food
Penn Traffic
Piggly Wiggly
Price Chopper
Quality Foods
Quality Markets
R Ranch Markets
Red Apple
Redner's Warehouse
Riesbeck's Food
Robčrt's Fresh Market
Roche Bros.
Rainbow Foods
Ridley's Family Market
Rosauers Supermarket
Roth's Fresh Markets
Rouse's Supermarket
Sage's Market
Save Mart
Scolari's Food
Scot's Lo-Cost
Scott's Food
Seller's Brothers
Sentry Foods
Regional Chains

Shop n' Save
Shoppers Food & Drug
Smith's Food & Drug
Southern Family Mrkts
Star Market
Sunset Foods
Stater Brothers
Stewart's Shops
Stew Leonard's
Stop & Shop
Strack and Van Til
Sullivan's Foods
Sunflower Farmers
Super 1 Foods
SuperOne Foods
Super Fresh
Superior Grocers
Supremo Supermarket
Sweetbay Supermart
Times Supermarket
Tom Thumb
Top Valu
Thriftway Supermarket
Treasure Island
Valu Plus
Vallarta Supermarket
Victory Supermarket
Weis Markets
Westborn Market
Western Beef Supermarkets
Wilson Farms
WinCo Foods
Wise Way
Woodmans Food

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