Mystery shoppers make a difference

Mystery shopping is a $1.6 billion a year industry that employs over 1,500,000 people worldwide.

Mystery Shopping Providers

MSP has been a service provider for the mystery shopping industry since 2002. We are the leading service of our kind. Through our extensive business resources, we put mystery shoppers from coast to coast in touch with countless employment opportunities every day.

Get Paid to Shop & Dine. Get Free Meals, Free Merchandise and more.

Access our resources and get your mystery shopping assignments.

Beware of fake job offers and check cashing - money wiring scams.

Mystery Shoppers & Customer Service

A mystery shopper (also called a secret shopper) is someone who gets paid to visit a store or restaurant and secretly evaluate things like customer service, store cleanliness and product quality. After the visit, the secret shopper fills out a brief questionnaire (shopper report) describing their shopping experience and gets paid for their time and opinions.

The business owner then uses the information the mystery shopper has given them to make any necessary improvements in their store or service.

Clothing retailers frequently use mystery shopping services to keep competitive

Retail evaluations account for roughly 40% of all mystery shopping revenue.

"The customer’s perception is your reality."

Virtually every business that sells products or services can benefit from a mystery shopping program.

Restaurants rely on mystery shopper evaluations to ensure good service and maintain food quality

Getting paid to dine out. Approximately 35% of all mystery shopping assignments are for dining establishments.

Boost restaurant sales with a mystery shopping program

How mystery shoppers can turn your business around

Why customer experience should be your top product

"Even your most loyal customers always have a choice about where to take their business."

Mystery shoppers make a difference

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