Beware of Mystery Shopping Scams

Beware of e-mails offering mystery shopping employment or letters offering quick returns for cashing a check

If you received an e-mail offering mystery shopper employment or a letter offering payment to conduct a mystery shop involving check cashing or money transfers - be aware that offers of this nature are never sent from MSP -

Our company NEVER sends unsolicited e-mails to anyone for any reason, nor do we conduct mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers.

In check cashing or money transfer schemes, you are asked to cash a cashier’s check and wire the money back to a specified address - typically outside the country. The supposed "reward" to you is that you get to keep a percentage of the original cashier's check as payment. However, in these scams - the cashier's check bounces a few days later and you are then held liable for the entire amount of money wired.

If you received an offer like this, please report it to your local police.

E-mail contact from MSP -

Unless you are a member and subscribe to our services or are professionally affiliated with our company - you will never receive an e-mail from

We do not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone. If someone contacts you by e-mail offering mystery shopping employment or claims to represent MSP - - that e-mail is fraudulent.

Beware of cheque cashing & money wiring scams

No legitimate mystery shopping company will ever send you an unsolicited mystery shopping job offer.

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